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Garage Door Spring Service By BlueWave Garage Door Repair Arlington TX

Garage Door Springs

Every part of your garage door should be in tip- top shape. This is to make sure that the structure and function of your garage door is very well-maintained. The problem with most people these days is that they are so passive when it comes to maintaining their garage door. They tend to neglect the little details indicating there is something wrong with their garage door. One of the most vital parts, really the most vital part of a garage door, is the spring/s. The garage door springs should be able to raise or lower your garage door properly. A weak structured garage door spring can lead to a lot of property damage and severe injuries. Think about it; just imagine the weight of your garage door as it comes crushing down to something or worst to someone, especially a member of your family. Garage springs counterbalance or support the entire weight of the garage door as it is lowered or raised.

These springs are high tension. It means a state of being stretched tight. This is why it is important for these parts to be well-installed and safely fitted. If you need someone to help you out with the repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance of your garage springs, then you better call Garage Doors Arlington Texas. We are the best garage door service provider in the entire city of Arlington, Texas. We believe that what we do, improves the life of the residents. Garage door services are all about improving your home security.

Garage Door Spring Repair

We encourage everyone to learn a few tricks on how he/she can provide garage door repairs on his/her own. There are several minor repairs and part replacements that can be easily learned. But, when it comes to major repairs, replacements, and maintenance, leave it to the professionals. Garage door spring repair, replacement, and installation are all major jobs. Since garage springs are high tension, the risk of danger when they are handled poorly can be that severe. In order to conduct the services, the garage door panels and tracks need to be disassembled. Our services are always extremely  done well. We are familiar with all the garage door parts, where they go, and what their functions are. We promise to provide diligent and accurate services for you. You can leave it to us to take good care of your garage door without any damage in your part.

The cost of repairs, replacements, and installation for springs isn’t expensive. One thing we do assure our customers is that our services are very affordable. We also utilize the best supplies and resources for every garage door service we provide. The brand and quality of garage springs we use for our services are manufactured by the best factories in Texas. We want the best for all our customers and that requires the best tools, the best team, and dedication to our work. We take what we do seriously in order to contribute to the safety and security to the people of Arlington and for residents of other cities nearby.

Garage Door Springs
Garage Door Springs Service
Garage Door Spring Service Arlington TX

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs may be classified into two types, extension Springs and Torsion Springs. There are certain factors to consider before choosing what type of springs you want for your garage doors. That’s why we’re here. Consider first things first. It is important to know the difference between Extension Springs and Torsion Springs. Extension Springs is installed above horizontal metallic tracks on both sides of the garage door. This type of springs counterbalances the garage as they extend. Extension springs always comes with safety cables to make sure it doesn’t snap due to bracket failure. Extension springs is a lot cheaper compared to torsion springs. Torsion springs on the other hand, makes use of a torque mechanism to lower and raise garage doors. Torsion springs has a twist and coil function. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs is custom-made. The variations are according to the weight, height, and track radius of the garage door.

Both springs can be operated using man power or a motor. For those who prefer motor operated, make sure to buy a backup supply power in case of blackouts or power interruption. Manual operated garage doors are a lot cheaper. Extension springs is cheaper which makes it more economical. However, extension springs is installed with a lot of exposed parts which is not good especially when there are kids around the house. Torsion springs is able to support or carry heavier garage doors and is longer lasting for sectional garage doors and over the top garage doors. Extension springs will work better with single panel garage doors with its lighter weight and fewer parts.

Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services are necessary. A well-maintained garage door is like a strong home security. If you’re worried about the service fee and you have decided you don’t need our services, then you are making a big mistake. Robbery in Texas has been very rampant. People are having their properties stolen and even their family members hurt. A weak structured or damaged garage door is easy work for criminals to function. They can easily disassemble the garage door and make their way inside your home without any difficulty. So the bottom line is to spend a few bucks for garage door services rather than put you and your family at risk of being victims of property crime.

BlueWave Garage Door Repair stands by our promise to provide the best garage door services. The key to our success is our knowledge and skills to what we do best. So, for everyone interested with our services, give us a call or visit our office. BlueWave is a 24/7 garage door service provider. In fact, we also provide emergency services. For more information about our services, visit our website. If you want some credentials, get in touch with a few of our previous customers. They will let you know the quality of our work. So, if something goes wrong with your garage door spring, you already know who to call. Put us in your speed dial and we will be there as soon as possible.

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