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Garage Door Maintenance Service By BlueWave Garage Door Repair Arlington TX

A Proactive Way of Taking Care of Your Garage Door

There  are two ways of approaching garage door maintenance.  Ignore the problem until something seriously goes wrong, then you have to find a company that can deal with the emergency.  Alternatively, you can plan a regular routine of garage door maintenance and repair. A company that supplies both an emergency service and a regular garage door maintenance service, is Garage Door Repair Arlington TX.  We do provide 24/7 emergency service. Skilled technicians will get to you the same day, and the problems will be  sorted out. The reason for an emergency is that you simply take the garage door for granted.  You use your remote controller, and the door simply opens and closes. 

The warning signs could have been mounting up. In the worst case scenario, a garage door can come crashing down.  This could end up on your vehicle, you, your family or your family pets.  You may have ignored stiffness or a developing imbalance in the garage door. There are a number of complex interrelated systems that can work fine for a fairly long period.  However, regular maintenance is needed.  You send your car to a garage for routine maintenance; this is the same for modern garage doors. A critical component in any modern garage door is the springs and cables.  These are all under high tension. They help counter balance the garage door and assist the opener motor in opening and closing the garage doors.

Why You Need Regular Garage Door Maintenance

You can predict when you will need a garage door maintenance service. There are torsion and extension springs.  These expand and contract.  This causes a slight “work hardening” to occur. In time, the springs become brittle and stiffen. They will eventually snap. This is what might cause the garage door to come crashing down or “lock”. Each time a garage door opens and closes, it produces a cycle.  It takes 10,000 cycles before a garage door spring starts breaking. If you use your garage door a lot, 8 times a day on average, then spring breakage will start happening in only 3 years. For a garage door used six times a day, this will take 5 years on average. Even for a garage door that is used 4 times a day, springs will start snapping in 7 years. A garage door used twice a day will result in the springs breaking in 14 years. So if you draw a graph, you can see that increased garage use will result in garage springs breaking fairly early on.

If you have a double garage, with cars, motor bikes, and cycles being constantly used, or you have a commercial garage with heavy usage, then approach us for advice. Our maintenance service can provide regular routine checks.  When the time comes, all the springs and support cables will be replaced prior to breakage. This will be less expensive, when you consider the alternatives. You also have to consider your and your family’s safety.

Garage Door Maintenance
Garage Door Maintenance Service
Garage Door Maintenance Service Arlington TX

Reliable Garage Door Maintenance Service

Removing a garage door spring can be very dangerous.  If released, they can come flying out at you and cause a possible very serious injury. Therefore, always call our garage maintenance service in Arlington TX.  The technicians at BlueWave Garage Door Repair are all highly trained.  They will have the correct wrenches and equipment.  They will have to securely clamp a garage door to stop it from falling during repair work. Another important factor in all the garage door maintenance work we undertake is that we know exactly the correct replacement component to use.  We use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components.

We have good contacts with the garage door manufacturers and are able to buy in high quality components in bulk. In the case of garage door springs, we will supply a spring with a high cycle life, which is designed to work with that particular garage door make and model. This will be the case with all the other garage door parts and components. Another important set of parts are those associated with rollers. These help keep the garage door running up and down smoothly. The rollers are usually made from either steel or nylon.  These can get worn or chipped. The rollers have an associated hinge, which is used to help the rollers in tracks.  The tracking can get damaged, dented or bent. Debris and dirt can find their way in there as well. If there are problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Bes Garage Door Maintenance Service Provider

We can sort out any problems pretty quickly.  Our skilled team in Arlington TX will replace both the rollers and the hinges when they get damaged. Routine garage door maintenance would include tightening up the hinges with the correct tap wrench, plus lubricating moving parts. Tracking can be speedily repaired.  We should check the roller system twice a year, especially if you have a high usage garage.

Another major system that will need regular maintenance is the opener. This comprises of the garage door motor, which uses the main electricity. The drive system moves the garage door opening arm.  This can be the belt drive a screw drive. The “opener” arm also moves along on a trolley.  There are a set of electronic systems. Most modern garage doors are operated by an external hand held remote. This “communicates” with the garage’s photo eye. This in turn  “activates” the mechanical systems that are found in a garage door. A common problem we come across in Arlington TX, is the photo eye being out of alignment with the hand held receiver; therefore, the garage door won’t open. This is a pretty simple problem to sort out. Again, drive mechanisms use a lot of mechanical parts.  Cogs, gears, drive belts, etc will wear and get broken. This is where you should come in. Do your own garage maintenance survey. Use both your eyes and ears. If you notice any problems, call us immediately.

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